Leave it in the past. Let the past pass you by. the roar in you ears at the zooming. Zoom Zoom. I hurt you zoom zoom it’s the past. Passed by the past. A passing glance now in the past. A passing fancy. A passing word. Zoom Zoom. It’s now and it’s again. The past repeats. Patterns are formed. Past transgression begging to be forgotten. Past joys, do they plummet as well? Take a nose dive. spin out of control into the past. Pass the potatoes. Pass the peas. Now digested. Now Passed. Pass the ball don’t let it fall butterfingers. But I try. I fumbled the pass. Fumbled the past. Visions from the past. Visions to change the future. The past where does it belong. Forgetting. Pretending. Past rising. Past screaming in your ears. Dummying up the future. Dummies from the past asking for silence. Past tense. Why so tense. It is the past. It went passed you. Zoom Zoom. Sideswiped by the past. Dented. Scratched Scarred. Bend out the dents. Explanations and excuses.  Not the tools to repair. Tools to deepen the dent. Deepen the scar. Wearing the scars for all to see. the scars of the past . Sideswiped. Spinning. Looking for the past. Find a focal point. Fix the past. Zoom zoom. The past went whizzing by.  


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