Give me a Break

Give me a break. A break from being broken. Shattered in a million pieces. Wanting a break to look for peace. The silence that was broken. The silence in my head. A hairline fracture. Wrap it up. Bind it with plaster. Become a statue to shield against the pain. Tap tap. The hammer falls. Dust clouds gather and the pieces tumble. A break. A chink in the armour allowing bullets to wound. Ready aim Fire. The armoury is empty. The weapons are down. Peace. I cry for peace. My pacifist heart cannot rise up against the attack. The pieces in disarray. I have become unglued. A bandaid to cover the cracks. Waterproof. Tear proof.Tear it off in one quick pull. The flaws exposed. the fatal flaws.Change the music. Change the dance. Find the break in the beat. Syncopate the action. Find a space. Find a break in time. Rearrange the pieces to find peace.  Shuffle the deck. Cut the cards to find a new beginning. It  is a gamble. I am Vegas. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Give me a break from the show. Syncopate the the action. Find the silence. Step into peace.


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