Disappointment. What a pointed word. What is the point? You try. You jump. You land on the pointed rocks. Point taken. Move on. File it down. Soften the blow. A blow by blow account of disappointment. Appointed unworthy. Appointed disappointed. Shake it off. Dance. Smile. Remember the time. The time when the point was good. Make your point. The disappointed now disappoint. The circle is complete. No music, no laughter soothes. All is fingers on a blackboard. Can you settle in. Settle for? Settle for less than. Settle for the disappointment? A new settlement forms. The sediment settle.  The sludge rises. You choke. You sputter. The bitterness stings. No choice, no chance. Gambled and lost. Put it all on the line. Line them up and shake your finger. The expectations dashed. Great expectations, what a novel idea. Expectorate the hope. Walk away. pretending you never believed. Walk away. Run away. Make a point. Disappointment.


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