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Narcissistic.It rolls off the tongue like fairy dust. Crystal blue pools of reflection. Beauty. It should be beautiful. Should be shimmering. Narcissist. a cyst. A tumour that grows from the root of the root. Spilling diamond words that shred the listening. Narcissist. The cyst that destroys. The cysts that insists. That takes the light to feed its own reflection. It takes the shine It eats the good. It tears away the soul of kindness. A tumour so dark the listener fades. Diamond words cut and entice. Narcissistic enticement. Dancing in the shadows. Stealing the glimmer. Pulling the flowers to the root of the root. Reflections of nothing real reflecting the dark. A shadow that appears light. Close your ears Close your eyes. Don’t let the tumour grow. Cut it out. Take the cyst and throw it in the pool of light. Steal the shadow. me and my shadow. My shadow now in the light. The shadow gone. The cyst growing in someone else. Cut it away. The narcissistic tumour. Narcissist. Sounds like fairy dust Ashes to ashes dust to root. Pull the root. sprinkle the ashes. Narcissist. Steal the reflection. Take the power. Let them gaze alone.Ripple the pool break the spell.  Narcissist



Words. I am finding salvation in words. Words . Lie. cheat, leave, blame, cancer. Hiding from words in words. Words that describe but do not define. Words thrown like knives. Knives that pierce the heart. Pionted words slithering from sharp tongues. but the words that flow from fingertips soothe. Like a a divine hand . Divine words reaching out. Words touching the wounds that gape. Wounds blasted by the black talon words. Words that exploded on contact. Collateral damage is high. Damaged but not destroyed. Words of love that hid the truth. Homemade explosives charged with words. the fuse was lit. Collateral damage is extensive. Extending a hand to help. A hand meant to heal A hand armed with tenderness. The hand that was bitten. Biting the hand that feeds. The lifeblood flowing. The lifeblood spilled and splattered by the explosion of words. The roar in the ears the deafening silence as the words ripped through the flesh. The words painted the scene. The scene that plays when eyes are closed. Change the words. Change the words. Change the words. Leave behind the lies. Don’t accept the blame. Fight the cancer. Leave the cheater. Slam the door on words that drain the lifeblood. Cut out the tongue that form the words. Find the new words dancing from fingers. Fingers that pause before they find their rhythm. Words that heal. Heal the gaping wound left by combustible words.  Combusting. Spontaneous combustion of the heart. Pieces fly. Pieces land. Time to pick up the pieces and sew them together with new words. Open the dictionary. Find the letters. Find the flow of life. Move your lips. Form the words.  The new words. The words of my salvation.